Friday, December 19, 2008

Roomba 535 only $212, Dirt Dog for $110, Scooba 335 for $212 and a 2 Roomba Bundle for $329!

When it comes to overall best robot value for your dollar, HSN wins hands down!

HSN has 2 exclusive models that are manufactured exclusively for them by iRobot, the
Roomba 535 and the Scooba 335. Unlike the Roomba 530 that you might see in retail stores, the Roomba 535 has an RF receiver built into it, just like the much more expensive models like the Roomba 560, 570 and 580! What this means to you is that the Roomba 535 can use the brand new lighthouse virtual walls, which can be used to guide the Roomba through cleaning multiple rooms. The Roomba 510 and the Roomba 530 do not include an RF receiver, so they cannot use the Lighthouse technology, and they can never be upgraded to use them! The Roomba 535 is also compatible with the Wireless Command Center. By adding the Wireless Command Center to a Roomba 535, you not only add a wireless remote control, you also add the ability to schedule your Roomba to clean on it's own, AUTOMATICALLY, any time - day or night! Once again, the Roomba 510 and the more commonly found Roomba 530 cannot use this accessory, and cannot ever be scheduled for automatic cleaning.

The best part about the Roomba 535 is that you can buy it for FAR LESS than the price you would pay for the inferior Roomba 530 in stores! The Roomba 530 sells for $299 + tax in retail stores. The Roomba 535 sells for only $249.95 with FREE SHIPPING and no tax everywhere except FL and CA. And even more amazingly, first time customers can save an
additional 15% off by applying coupon code C56574 at checkout, making your total price only $212.49 delivered right to your door for free!

(Note: The coupon code will not work if copied and pasted because there will be a blank space added at the end. Delete the blank space or simply type the coupon manually if you experience problems with the coupon.)

Get the Roomba 535 Exclusively from Here.

Next up is the HSN exclusive model - the Scooba 335. This model is an even better value, and quite frankly, no other model even comes close to the Scooba 335!

Take a look at this
Comparison Chart taken directly from iRobot's website to see the differences among the retail versions of the Scooba. Notice how they have conveniently left the Scooba 340 off of the chart? That's because there is simply no comparison! Take a look at the chart with the Scooba 335 added in:

As you can see from the True Scooba Comparison Chart, not only does the Scooba 335 cost less than the Scooba 350, it is actually SUPERIOR to the Scooba 350 in every way! The Scooba 335 actually comes with almost all of the features and accessories of the $499 Scooba 380, at more than 50% off the price!

This exclusive Scooba 335 bundle is only available from HSN. The Scooba 335 sells for only $249.95 + $3.95 shipping and no tax everywhere except FL and CA. And even more amazingly, first time customers can save an additional 15% off by applying coupon code C56574 at checkout, making your final price only $212.46 + $3.95 shipped right to your door!

Get the Scooba 335 Here.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Get a Roomba or a Scooba Guaranteed for Life!

Want peace of mind? If so, then consider the top of the line Roomba 570 with Wireless Command Center and FREE Lifetime Guarantee from Hammacher Schlemmer for $399.95. Additionally, Standard shipping is free for a limited time if you enter the coupon code CoupCab109 in the box marked "Shopping from our catalog?" during checkout.

u won't pay sales tax except in NY, IL and OH. Just in case you are unfamiliar with Hammacher Schlemmer, they have been in business for over 159 years, and actually produce America's longest running mail order catalog! Because they are such a premiere retailer, they are the ONLY COMPANY in the world that iRobot has authorized to sell the top of the line Roomba 570, so rest assured that if you buy from Hammacher, you will never have to worry about your precious investment breaking. Simply put, if you ever become dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, they will replace it or refund the entire purchase price, whichever you prefer!

Hamacher also offers the all new Roomba for Pets for only $349.95, which features a high capacity dirt bin and additional cleaning tools specifically designed to remove pet hair.

Hammacher also offers their famous Lifetime Guarantee on the Scooba 5800 as well. The Scooba 5800 is only $299.95, guaranteed for life! (Don't forget the free shipping coupon code CoupCab109 is valid for every item sold at Hammacher, including the Scooba). And for the absolute top of the line robotic floor washer, they also feature the Scooba 380 for $499.95, which can clean up to 300% longer than the Scooba 5800, up to 850 square feet per charge!

With a Roomba and a Scooba from Hammacher Schlemmer, you can literally assure yourself that you will never need to buy another robotic mop or vacuum ever again!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Get a Roomba or a Scooba for only $139 delivered!

Amazon has the Roomba 410 for only $149.99! ($139.99 after $10 off coupon listed below!)

As for the newer Roomba 500 series, Amazon has the Brand New Roomba 510 for only $203.59 delivered, which is the lowest price ever for a brand new 500 series Roomba Vacuum!

Additionally, they carry the Roomba 530 for only $293.00 with free shipping, but for only $50 more, the
Roomba 560 is a much better value at only $297.30 with free shipping and no tax!

Amazon also carries the Brand New Scooba 5800 for $259.99 delivered, and a remanufactured Scooba 5800 for only $149.00.

Bonus! Save an additional $10 on any of these robots when you enter coupon code BMLSAVES at checkout and pay with Bill Me Later. (expires 12/30/2008)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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